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Flats and apartments in Bulgaria

Now it's not expensive to buy flat and apartments in Bulgaria, almost anyone can afford to buy a seaside flat thanks to the "Antique Palace" complex.

Our apartment complex is located just 150 meters from the beach!

This location gives the opportunity to get to the nearest beach in 5 minutes, but has no risk of flooding or dampening apartment complex by sea waves.

Our Price:
21 900 euros for a studio
and 700 euros per sqm

The cost of maintenance of 10 euros/sq.m. per year.

Food prices in restaurants up to
50% lower than at the "promoted" Bulgarian resorts.

Our apartment complex is located almost in the middle between the two major coastal cities
(and 2 airports) -
Varna (55 km.) and Burgas (75 km).

In the immediate vicinity there is an ice cream parlor, gift shops and beach accessories, bus stop, beach, restaurant and complex archaeological sites.

Living in our apartment complex you will be breathing clean fresh air (which itself cures lung diseases), swim in the clear sea, catching or buying fresh fish, buy fresh milk, meat, eco eggs, enjoy local fruits and vegetables.

- All apartments have beautiful direct sea view;

- Some apartments furniture and appliances included in the price;

- Each apartment can be telephones direct Russian number.

It is no secret that the price is often underestimated compromising the quality construction.

We have chosen one of the best construction companies in Bulgaria, that use modern technologies in the construction and materials are more expensive than provided for working project.


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